Congratulations to Kyle on his victorious weekend in Crandon, Wi.

Kyle left Reno, Nv after rounds 11 and 12 of the LOORRS and headed straight to Crandon, Wi with his team and family. Although he had a less than desirable weekend in Reno he kept his head held high and was determined to turn his luck around in Crandon. After having to change a motor after the parade on Friday afternoon, Kyle was unable to make practice that evening. Saturday turned into a waiting game as the rain poured down and the track turned to slop. With Saturdays racing cancelled the team had to wait out the rain and hope for clear skies on Sunday. As the skies finally turned blue on Sunday the team prepared for two races in one day. Kyle hadn't rolled onto the track in 4 years and tried to remember each turn in his head from all the previous years he had raced Crandon. His hard work and dedication had paid off and he left Crandon with both titles that were up for grabs that weekend. Kyle LeDuc is the 2014 World Champion and the 2014 Amsoil Cup Champion.