This has been an exciting year for Kyle and he's quickly racking up his first places finishes and working his way closer and closer to the Pro 4 Championship at the end of the year. If the team only knew that Saturdays race was a glimpse into the future of Sundays race. Qualifying in the top spot seems to be a trend this year as well as being inverted into the third row on the starting grid. Kyle planned to move through the pack of Pro 4s as smoothly as possible and finish the race in order to gain maximum points and keep himself in the lead. It seems that Reno had different plans for him altogether. Again Kyle would have mechanical problems with his rear shocks and took another beating throughout the majority of the race. Coming into the last lap of the race in sixth place was not good enough for Kyle and he managed to pass two other trucks with broken shocks and all and ended up taking forth place, just one position shy of the podium. Kyle was able to maintain his points lead although he was a little banged up after the weekend.